Mile High Club – Whole New Definition

A British Airways pilot got fired… now that normally won’t be news, but the reason this man got fired was

Looking For Love – In All The Wrong Places

In Dayton, Ohio, a man was arrested for having sex with a van. Now we know there are girls out

Screaming Goats

Do you remember the movie ‘Bodyguard?’ Do you like Whitney Houston?  Do

McDonald’s Japan – Going For The Gold

After suffering major losses due to several food scandals over the past few years,

Japanese Man Livestreams Setting His Apartment On Fire

A man (age 40) lives with his parents, father (68) and mother

Hidden Schoolgirl In Japan’s Train Signs

The mystery of art is that everyone looks/sees it differently, that is

Red Bull Street Style Japan Final 2014

Japanese baller HIRO-K (a 24-year-old, part-time workers, from Ehime) dazzled his way

Let It Go… Like You Never Heard Before!

OK… time to let it go – has someone ever told you that you can’t sing? Well raise your middle

Can You Watch The Entire Video?

OK… stop everything you are doing on your computer/mobile device and take this dare! Here is a video that is

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