Guam – Pacific Escape

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The jewel in the Pacific, Guam is a popular tourist destination that Japanese tourists flock to the beaches to enjoy relaxing on white-sand beaches and the clear water to take in the mystical dive sites. The caverns and coral reefs of the Piti Bomb Holes Reserve are the perfect places to get acquainted with native sea life and a day full of outdoor activities, but Guam has a little something for everyone.

You can always stay on land and explorer Two Lovers Point or immerse yourself in local traditions and the unique Chamorro culture & language, you should try some delicious local foods at the Guam Beach and Culture Park.

The central area of Hotel Row is home to the largest tunnel aquarium in the world, an attraction known as the Daring Sling Shot (riders are strapped into a ball that’s shot upward on a wire and brought back down). Tumon has many dance clubs, several strip clubs and much more to offer. Dance off your day at one of Tumon’s lively dance clubs, or take in an exhilarating show. The largest dance center in the city is club Blur. The Sandcastle is a Las Vegas-style attraction, with Magic on Ice Show featuring tigers, flamingos and other exotic animals. Now Tumon is viewed by some as a “mini-Waikiki”, with Hawaiian style fire dances.

A trip to Guam is not complete without shopping for gifts and souvenirs. Guam has a myriad of retail outlets where you can find a wide array of stylish, fashionable, trendy duty free items. One big Tourist Shopping location is Micronesia Mall, which has expanded and added a food court and a Macy’s as the sole anchor store. Visitors to Guam will note some of the same shopping opportunities that exist in ‘the States.’ Although there is no Wal-Mart, there is a large 24 hour K-Mart that does a very high volume of business. Indeed, which is as big as any standard Kmart on the mainland US. Visitors who are used to the cavernous voids of K-Marts in the US may be surprised to find that they can barely squeeze through the aisles in K-Mart in Guam K-Mart. Guam also has American name brand mega retail stores, outlet malls, and department stores to pick up hard-to-find and bargain items.