Mile High Club – Whole New Definition

A British Airways pilot got fired… now that normally won’t be news, but the reason this man got fired was that he… well… pleasured himself in mid air. Wearing stockings he flew the airplane with his feet because he needed his hands for other things. I guess he had his mind on his job… And admittedly… those long flights can get very boring!

The weird part… Pilots aren’t allowed in the cockpit alone… It seems the co-pilot stayed clear from the camera, he apparently still works at BA… Now you know why they call it a cockpit.

It’s clear this wasn’t a flight with WiFi on board. The pilot had to use pornographic magazines open on the aircraft’s controls. Of course we all have heard of the Mile High Club and may have had fantasies of joining this elite club, but never thought about what your pilots were doing behind closed doors.

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