Miss Hooters Japan 2019

On April 15th, the top 15 Hooters Girls finalists will be participating in a Miss Hooters Japan Contest in Shinjuku.

Hooters is a brand that many of us in the US are familiar with, but how familiar are you with the Japanese branches?

Similar to contests of their type in the west, April 15, 2019 saw the ninth “Miss Hooters Japan Contest” be held in Shinjuku, with the doors opening at 6 p.m. and the festivities getting underway an hour later. Ticket prices range from 5,000 yen (US$45) for a spot in the standing area, while the top-of-the-line SS Ticket, for 14,000 yen, gets you a spot with a superior view of the contest stage, where the contestants would be showing off their cute and glamorous sides by taking to the catwalk in no less than three outfits ranging from their standard Hooters uniforms, an original outfit of their own choosing, and a swimsuit. The SS Ticket also gets you a 2,500-yen food/drink voucher and both a T-shirt autographed by the 15 finalists as well as a mini photo session with them. This annual event seeks to find the top Hooters girls throughout the active staff working at Hooters Restaurants across Japan. The winner of this contest will then participate at the Hooters International Championships held in the US in May, 2019.

This event was streamed LIVE on Youtube, with more than 262,000 users watched the event over the course of the stream.

Pared down from a pool of 51 entrants, the 15 finalists consisted of the top Hooters girls from across Japan, selected from among the chain’s waitstaff, will appear at a special event in Tokyo Shinjuku to crown the winner of the contest’s ninth iteration, who will then travel to the U.S. in June to compete in the Miss Hooters International Pageant. After a little over ninety minutes of competition, the top five girls were then chosen by both customers who attended the event, as well as a panel of judges.

The finals of Miss Hooters Japan 2019 will be held at Hooters Shinjuku and there are tickets on sale. General admission tickets to the finals (which include the right to vote), are 5000 yen, and VIP tickets (limited to 10) are 10,000 yen. The champion will go to the Miss Hooters World Championship in the US.

Hooters has this Miss Hooters World Championship every year. Last year in 2018, Nanako won the Miss Hooters Japan contest for 2018 and represented Hooters Japan for 2018. The Miss Hooters Japan winner is then invited to the USA for Miss Hooters International title. The winner and is selected out of 100 Hooters Girl contestants from around the world to represent Hooters for 2019 as Miss Hooters International 2019. The winner gets $50,000 cash and will be featured in Hooters Magazine, Hooters Calendar, national marketing campaigns and TV commercials.

The Grand Prix winner was Nanako.K who is from the Hooters Restaurant of Akasaka, Tokyo. She will hold onto the title of Miss Hooters of Japan for the next year and will be representing Japan in May. Let’s hope she takes the top prize!

Event Summary
Date: 15th April 2019 7:30PM~9:30PM (JST)
Place: Hooters Shinjuku (www.hooters.co.jp/en/shop/shinjuku)
Address: α107 Building B1F-B2F, 1-8-5 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0023

Shibuya - ACO

Ginza - Akane

Akasaka - Ayako

Ginza - Bian

Shinjuku - Gladys

Shinjuku - Hazuki

Shibuya - Juni

Akasaka beauty Nanako took the crown.

Nanako is the newly crowned 2019 Miss Hooters Japan.

This beauty from Akasaka, earned top honors among a pool of 14 other Hooters Girls competing at the Shinjuku restaurant chain’s annual Miss Hooters Japan pageant.

The 20-year-old beauty became the Japan’s newest ambassador. Check out the others who made the top five finalists below:

A five-person panel of judges that included _____, _____ and _______ gave Nanako top marks for her responses to interview questions, personality, contributions to the company, and, of course, swimsuit attire.

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