S2O Japan 2019

July 13th (Sat), 14th (Sun) and 15th (Mon) 2019: A music festival that brings the Thai water festival all over the world, “S2O JAPAN SONGKRAN MUSIC FESTIVAL 2019 (Japan Songkran Music Festival 2019 – “S2O JAPAN 2019”) was held.

For the second year of the S2O JAPAN 2019 event was moved to the seaside of Kaihin Makuhari, and the schedule was 2 days for the music festival plus a live performance on the 3rd day, and it was further powered up. People from a wide age group, including young people in their 20s-30s, even could catch a few older people in the crowd, and the number of visitors for three days reached 45,000.

The rainy season continued late into mid July, and it was 3 days with rain in the forecast, but on Day 1 and Day 2, a large number of people swarmed the gates after the opening of the event, and from the beginning of the event, visitors were getting soaked and showed with excitement. Swimsuits were pretty much the fashion of choice and were perfect for getting soaking wet at a music/water festival. Also there were plenty of high-profile fashion and coordination between friends and helped show off the visitors’ mood and excitement felt through coordination that reduced their preferences.

Top world DJs such as Knife Party, Nicky Romero, Showtek and Yellow Claw as headliners, in addition TJO and KSUKE made first appearances as Japanese local DJs for 2 days. In addition, DJ group Elan who won the “S2O JAPAN GLOBAL AUDITION 2019” which was held as a project of Japan original, creator Pharien, etc. All 16 sets of DJ appeared in two days and show the play of the best part.

WANIMA appeared as a collaboration of the S2O’s first solo artist on Day 3 and raised the tension of the visitors to the limit with a large amount of pouring water, and the finale’s fireworks were engulfed by the cheers from the audience.

The stage set will be reminiscent of the “large water plant” with the motif of the huge water storage tank and water pipes used in S2O 2019 in Thailand. S2O’s own watering machine is set on the entire floor, such as in front of the stage and at the center of the main floor, and a lot of water splashes linked to the music make the visitors soaking wet. The total water volume reached 3 million liters in 3 days. Furthermore, “MFG Angels” of the official cheering party will appear as a watering girl this year! Spray water from the pouring machine toward the floor. When water pours into the DJ set music of TOP DJs who are active around the world, cheers rise from the floor and voices are heard everywhere, “It’s more than you imagined!” .

Also this year, official styling booths and massage booths will appear for free. S2O unique content such as original photo spots and macho taxis scattered all over the venue led to the venue.

When the sun goes down, the colorful images of the stage and the splashes reflected by the fluctuating laser light overlap, and the electric non-daily feeling accelerates further. With the addition of flames and fireworks that burst into the sky, visitors with a sense of freedom maxed out in time with the water and sound, and the voltage at the hall was at its peak.

The music festival “S2O JAPAN 2019”, which is the world’s most wet music festival for three days, closed the curtain with no heat.

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