World Cosplay Summit 2019

This year’s World Cosplay Summit kicked off again with their Central Park underground shopping center parade and group photo session at the Oasis 21 Stage.

Japan summers are typically very hot and even now is in the middle of a heat wave, so temperatures were hot as expected… maybe even warmer than usual. The format of the WCS was changed up a little bit. All 40 teams participated in the Tokyo Round, which would give 8 teams a chance at a ‘bye’ in the Nagoya Round which would eliminate half the field leaving the final 24 Teams to battle it out on Sunday ‘The Final’ for the World Cosplay Summit Championship!

As usually, on Saturday, I was able to mingle through the crowds and take random photos of the various cosplayers who all flocked to Oasis 21 to show off their costumes and characters. Then is the later afternoon, I shot photos from the Nagoya Round so i can get an idea what to expect going in to Sunday’s finals.

On Sunday, like always, I skip out going to Osu for the parade… too hot to run around taking photos there then relaxing to get over to the Championship venue without being over-heated. So, I just relaxed at home and made my way over to the Aichi Prefectural Performing Arts Center (next to Oasis 21) for the 3 1/2 hour cosplay marathon.

Complete highlights and event coverage from the World Cosplay Summit 2019… below are select images from the entire event with complete photo galleries from the Underground Parade (Fri), Oasis 21 (Sat) & the Championship Finals (Sun).

WCS 2019 Results

Award Country Team Cosplayers
Champion Team Australia


A.K. Wirru

Runner-up Team USA

Garnet Runestar

J. Hart Design

3rd Prize Team France


Sakura Flame

Sponsor’s Awards

Award Country Team Cosplayers
Air Asia Team China

Xiao Yi

Shin Ba

Futaba Team Chile

Cindy Le Miau

Polakito Andre

Biore Team USA

Garnet Runestar

J. Hart Designs

Brother Team Germany



Here is a link to the complete gallery of images: World Cosplay Summit 2019

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