Loser Larry

Larry is THAT guy. Everyone hates THAT guy. Check in and make sure you haven’t unintentionally picked up any habits from Larry. Inevitably, every time someone is out in public they get annoyed by some part of what people like me do. Maybe it’s because I’m too cool(I am) or maybe it’s because I’m self-centered (also true) but people just get bothered by me. Basically, I just come off as total jackass no matter what the situation or who the observer is.

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Nagoya Pub Quiz

Trivia Quiz with seven rounds of questions and teams of 1-6 people.

Nagoya Pub Quiz #3

British style pub quiz with 9 rounds and cash prizes

COVID-19 – Living In Fear

Will any of the shows go on? AMIDST COVID-19 EVENT CANCELLATIONS, VENUES TAKE MEASURES TO ENSURE HEALTH SAFETY. For Japan, CP+ was the snowball that started...

Disaronno Wears Diesel Release Party

Style-conscious tipplers will be delighted to hear that Italy’s number one nectar, Disaronno (the delicious amaretto liqueur) have teamed up with the globally known...

Home Opener – FE Nagoya vs Tokyo Z (B2)

A week before for the B.League’s second division opened its 2019-20 season on Sept. 21. The season already off to a rough start for the...

World Cosplay Summit 2019

This year's World Cosplay Summit kicked off again with their Central Park underground shopping center parade and group photo session at the Oasis 21...

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Strangers Give Each Other Handjobs

Have you seen the "First Kiss" video by WREN Studio (directed by Tatia Pilieva) making rounds on Youtube, of course there's now a handjob parody of it. What happens when you invite complete strangers to give each...

How Sweet It Is

How sweet... did you ever wonder what the point of those complimentary bowls of chocolate is? Turns out, they make it pretty easy to see up girls’ skirts! Here’s a video showing a guy using chocolate and...