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World Cosplay Summit 2018

This year’s World Cosplay Summit kicked off with the weekend with their Central Park underground shopping center parade and group photo session in the Central Park Square.

Japan is currently in the middle of a heat wave, so temperatures were hot as expected… maybe even warmer than usual. The format of the WCS was changed up a little bit. Instead of having Group ‘knockout’ stages on Saturday and the Top 10-12 teams compete for the finals, this year the whole thing was put on one stage and winner takes all!

World Cosplay Summit 2017

This year marked the 15th World Cosplay Summit, and cosplayers from 35 countries and regions smiled and showed off their incredible transformations into popular Japanese anime and manga heroes and heroines. Every year this event grows into a much bigger and better show as huge numbers of fans flocked to Oasis 21 (Sakae District) in…

World Cosplay Summit 2016

The ‘World Cosplay Summit’ is the world’s largest cosplay event. It’s already acquired official status among cosplay enthusiasts, with 2016 being its 14th consecutive year. With over 30 countries participating in the event, this event is like the Olympic Games for cosplay. This year, India, Switzerland, Canada, and Sweden joined the party, and for a whole week (July 30 – August 7) cosplay fans had the chance to see some of the most elaborate costumes ever created.