Nagoya International Volleyball Club

Nagoya International Volleyball Club has been running for about a year and a half. It was originally set up to give people the chance to play some sport, meet people from different countries and have some fun. Right from the start, the games have always been mixed (men and women) and have been played in a friendly spirit. Now, there are over 180 members from various countries around the world.
Games take place on Sunday afternoons and national holidays. The cost is just 400yen for three hours of play, and no equipment is required. There are two levels (one for beginners and another for more experienced volleyball players) and both English and Japanese are spoken. After the games there is usually a chance to get a coffee/drink with some of the other players.
The games take place indoors, at venues in Fushimi, Nakamura Koen and Fukiage, and there are also a couple of beach volleyball games every summer at Utsumi beach. Recently, our members have started two sister clubs- ‘Nagoya Futsal’ and ‘Nagoya Indiaca’ (which is like volleyball but with a giant shuttle). Whatever your level of ability, it is worth coming down to the next game, getting a bit of exercise and meeting some new people. You don’t need to be six foot tall- you just need to be up for a bit of fun!
Search Facebook for ‘Nagoya International Volleyball Club’ or email
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