SPOT Report is about culture & lifestyle, event reports, news, and latest trends. We explore life in Japan and cross culture affects on life in Japan. Plus, we bring you event reports and interesting/bizarre news from a real world and down to earth perspective. We are always interested to hear what the community thinks of SPOT Report Magazine and what it would like to see SPOT Report do next… so if you have a great story idea and would like to write for us, whether that be online or in our magazine, please contact us using the form below.

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Jeffrey Johnston – Publisher/Chief Editor

Jeffrey is the creator/founder of SPOT Report and he manages all of the daily tasks. He specializes in content development and Social Media marketing campaigns for the creative industry. Jeffrey has also freelanced for other publications such as RAN Magazine.

If you’d like to contact Jeffrey or are more interested in how he can help you, promote/review your business, contact him at: Jeffrey from the Nagoya area, but is currently working in the Shibuya area of Tokyo and is always happy to work with new people.

You can find his work on Facebook (Shogunmaster), Twitter (@shogunmaster26) and some of his pictures can be seen over at Flickr (Shogunmaster) and as well.

___________ – Executive Editor

________ is our Executive Editor here at SPOT-Report and a commercial studio photographer. His primary areas of focus are journalism, online media, public relations, media law, and media ethics.

Chika – Culture Writer

Someone who is always in the mix and ready to get to business. She has spent some time in Southern California and enjoys the socialite lifestyle and seems to know all the right folks and is on top of all the latest things that are going on. She likes to help make the party last even longer. Have any ideas on what things might be coming up, please contact her at:

Rena – Fashion Writer

Being Japanese and growing up in Japan with a strong passion for fashion, Rena is all over the latest trends in fashion as well as cosmetics and knows the Do’s & Don’ts when trying to get your style right with the fast moving fashion scene in Japan. Always jumping at every opportunity to cover all the big fashion events, She is the first person we turn to… to be there and get the details for all our readers. Anything on the fashion side of the house, please contact Rena at:

Wakana – Features Writer

Wakana always knows whats going on all the time… anytime. She is a socialite that mingles with all the right folks to ‘be in the know’ and to share insight on what latest things are going on around Japan. She plays a very valuable role in gathering all the intel we need to share these things with the public. Have any ideas on what things might be coming up, please contact her at:

Yukari – Lifestyle Writer

Yukari comes to us from Kyoto and one of our key writers. As an avid gourmet-food aficionado, she puts out some restaurant reviews and growing up in the historical capital of Japan, she also gives us some insights on some of the traditional things around Japan. Have any recommendations on places to check out, please contact her at:

Nao – Intern Writer

Nao comes to us from Tokyo and travels to the USA whenever she can with a love for a variety of things. Just like most all girls in their 20s, she is into all the latest fashion trends, she enjoys going to fashion related events around Tokyo, she also gives us some insights on some exciting things around Japan. Have any recommendations on places to check out, please contact her at:

WANTED – Contributor

-About The Contributor(s) -> (Contributors Wanted)

Larry D. Loser – That Guy

Larry is THAT guy. Everyone hates THAT guy. Check in and make sure you haven’t unintentionally picked up any habits from Larry. Inevitably, every time someone is out in public they get annoyed by some part of what people like me do. Maybe it’s because I’m too cool(I am) or maybe it’s because I’m self-centered (also true) but people just get bothered by me. Basically, I just come off as total jackass no matter what the situation or who the observer is. You can keep up with him on Facebook (Larry D. Loser)
Email Larry directly: Larry D.

The Spot Report Girls

Take a wild guess at what you’re going to find in this section? We’ve basically got anything you could want that involves ‘fashion’, ‘art’, ‘music’, ‘beauty’, and ‘style’, not to mention stuff that might involve the words ‘lingerie’, ‘swimwear’, and ‘not wearing very many clothes’. Sound like what you’re looking for? We thought so!

_______ – ????

Described by many as ‘sex bomb’, working class citizen turned freelance model for SPOT Report magazine, is a world away from the fresh-faced ingénues she’s often compared to. Currently reporting on obscure fashion trends around Japan, you can see what drove this little charm away from her desk and lead her into a life of  fashion. You can keep up with her on Facebook_______.