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SPOT Report is about culture & lifestyle, event reports, news, and latest trends. We explore life in Japan and cross culture affects on life in Japan. Plus, we bring you event reports and interesting/bizarre news from a real world and down to earth perspective. We are always interested to hear what the community thinks of SPOT Report Magazine and what it would like to see SPOT Report do next… so if you have a great story idea and would like to write for us, whether that be online or in our magazine, please contact us using the form below.

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Executive Editor

+81 (052) 456-4421 [Nagoya]
+81 (03) 4578-1436 [Tokyo]
+81 090-5003-2244 [Japan]

Jeffrey is the creator/founder of SPOT Report and he manages all of the daily tasks. He specializes in content development and Social Media marketing campaigns for the creative industry. Jeffrey has also freelanced for other publications such as RAN Magazine.

If you’d like to contact Jeffrey or are more interested in how he can help you, promote/review your business, contact him at: Jeffrey from the Nagoya area, but is currently working in the Shibuya area of Tokyo and is always happy to work with new people.

You can find his work on Facebook (Shogunmaster), Twitter (@shogunmaster26) and some of his pictures can be seen over at Flickr (Shogunmaster) and as well.



Senior Editor

Alain is our Senior Editor here at SPOT-Report and a photojournalist. His primary areas of focus are journalism, online media, public relations, media law, and media ethics.

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” — Confucius

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Nagoya Pub Quiz

Trivia Quiz with seven rounds of questions and teams of 1-6 people.

Nagoya Pub Quiz #3

British style pub quiz with 9 rounds and cash prizes

COVID-19 – Living In Fear

Will any of the shows go on? AMIDST COVID-19 EVENT CANCELLATIONS, VENUES TAKE MEASURES TO ENSURE HEALTH SAFETY. For Japan, CP+ was the snowball that started all of this, but a wave of event cancellations are being announced in real time...
Style-conscious tipplers will be delighted to hear that Italy’s number one nectar, Disaronno (the delicious amaretto liqueur) have teamed up with the globally known streetwear brand Diesel for the seventh time. The ‘Disaronno wears Diesel’ bottle reflects the values ​​of...
A week before for the B.League’s second division opened its 2019-20 season on Sept. 21. The season already off to a rough start for the Earthfriends Tokyo Z taking season opening losses on the road at Tokyo EX and then...


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The SPOT-Report Girls

Take a wild guess at what you’re going to find in this section? We’ve basically got anything you could want that involves ‘fashion’, ‘art’, ‘music’, ‘beauty’, and ‘style’, not to mention stuff that might involve the words ‘lingerie’, ‘swimwear’, and ‘not wearing very many clothes’. Sound like what you’re looking for? We thought so!