Japan 101

Hidden Schoolgirl In Japan’s Train Signs

The mystery of art is that everyone looks/sees it differently, that is also true with logos and signs. These kinds of images use lines and

The Addiction… And Everyone’s Got It

Why does something that is supposed to make our lives easier makes us grow further apart? We have been somewhere and have seen this… people

Welcome to Society – Coming of Age Day

On Monday 13th of January(used to be on January 15, but in 2000 it was moved to the second Monday of the month.), Japan celebrates

Getting some ink done!

It’s common for Japanese water parks to ban people with tattoos from entering premises. As the temperature rises in the summer, thousands of people throughout

Cultural Difference or Japanese Wisdom?

Nowhere to run to, nowhere to hide! I’m not sure if this is about cultural difference or just Japanese wisdom? Let’s say that an American,