The Addiction… And Everyone’s Got It

the addiction

The Addiction… And Everyone’s Got It

Why does something that is supposed to make our lives easier makes us grow further apart?

We have been somewhere and have seen this… people are too busy doing whatever on their phones to pay attention to where they are walking, or too focused on something that they ignore the world, or ever been to a club/event and all you see is friends clustered together trying to all squeeze into the frame for a group ‘selfie’ just to be uploaded onto some social media platform. You can even catch people at cafes & coffee shops snapping photos of their $4 cup of coffee topped with 6 inches of whip cream & toppings.

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram have prompted this frenzy of of people snapping photos to document and share every little thing they do in life… this is the addiction and everyone seems to have it!

If they aren’t taking photos of something, they are too busy with texting friends using popular ‘apps’ such as LINE, Snapchat, Wechat, Viber and Skype. Just watch a family that is out for dinner, everybody in the family is on their phone doing their own thing and not interacting/talking as a family anymore. I admit, even I am guilty of getting off my computer just to get into bed and get on my phone and browse the internet some more… as grateful I am to have this technology and access to the world, there is also that part of me that wishes these things were never invented.

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