Red Bull X-Fighters Osaka

Red Bull X-Fighters 2014
Levi Sherwood pulling of a 'Kiss Of Death' (action sequence)

Levi Sherwood is on fire, taking back-to-back wins in 2014 as he sweeps Rémi Bizouard in the final.

Rémi Bizouard (L), Levi Sherwood(C), Danny Torres(R) atop the podium

So far Levi Sherwood(NZL) has been stealing the show… he is unstoppable in 2014. The 22 year old won the X-Fighters World Tour 1st Round in Mexico and took the 2nd Round at Osaka Castle, Japan, by dominating with nearly flawless runs.

Rémi Bizouard(FRA) squeezed past Dany Torres(SPA) in the semi-finals, but in the finals, despite launching some massive jumps, Rémi couldn’t quite match his trick execution from the previous run, allowing Sherwood to sweep the victory.

Even playing it safe on his run, Sherwood still pulled of a crowd-pleasing Backflip Double Air Indian Grab, then into a No-Handed Superman after the buzzer had sounded… victory seemed to be under his belt. Sure enough, the judges gave Sherwood all five helmets for the sweep Variety, Execution, Style, Course and Energy.

After two wins out of two rounds, what was Sherwood’s secret for such a strong comeback this year? He simply replied: “Put everything down and have fun.” He has been sitting atop the podium, a position he is making all his own so far with back-to-back wins in 2014 after winning the X-Fighters 2014 opener in Mexico City he said “I’m stoked right now. You can see the huge love of freestyle here in Japan.”

Last year’s event was the first time Red Bull X-Fighters made a tour stop in Japan/Asia with the big help of the late Japanese FMX legend Eigo Sato who pushed to bring the games to his native country where FMX has been booming… sadly Eigo Sato suffered a tragic training accident while preparing for the 2013 X-Fighters season in late February that didn’t allow him to see his dream come true, but his fellow countryman Taka Higashino took the win in Osaka in 2013!

The FMX scene is quite small in Japan, but growing very fast… at the one day Red Bull X-Fighters in 2013, there were 11,000 people sitting in the crowd. But in 2014, they decided to make it into a two day event and managed to double the attendance with 20,500 people taking in the games’ excitement!

I guess we will have to wait until at least the next round in Madrid to see if Tom Pagès’ will attempt to pull off an anticipated first-ever Bike Flip in competition, as last year’s champion decided not to ride in the finals.

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Red Bull X-Fighters Osaka 2014 top three results:

1) Levi Sherwood (NZL)
2) Rémi Bizouard (FRA)
3) Dany Torres (SPA)

Red Bull X-Fighters World Championship 2014 overall standings (throwout rule applies):

1) Levi Sherwood (NZL) – 100pts
2) Rémi Bizouard (FRA) – 80pts
3) Josh Sheehan (AUS) – 80pts
4) Dany Torres (SPA) – 65pts
5) Rob Adelberg (AUS) – 55pts
6) Adam Jones (USA) – 55pts


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