J-pop Music… What’s Next?

J-pop Music… What’s Next?

J-pop music… what’s next? If you have been in Japan for more than a minute, I am sure you have watched/seen your share of Japanese idol groups… AKB48/SKE48, Perfume, Girls Generation(just a few), only to find out that they are all basically the same concept/idea -> dress in ‘high school’ uniform or some skimpy costume, jump around and not really have any vocal talent, yet followed by a hungry crowd of middle aged guys that haven’t been with a real woman in his life?
So, what’s next for J-pop music? the music idol group SOD takes it to the next level with their song ‘Let’s get fight’-> it seems that they have to do something to up their game and create some idea to draw a bigger crowd…

Perhaps I might have a very good reason to like J-pop music finally!

Due to Youtube’s vague guidelines in their Terms Of Service, this video has been removed(by Youtube) and is no longer hosted on the Youtube platform… it is now self hosted. Please feel free to leave any comments you have or engage in a conversation below.

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