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What a Woman’s Underwear Says About Her

Almost every man out there loves a woman in something sexy, but every man has their own taste and style of what is sexy in

J-pop Music… What’s Next?

J-pop music… what’s next? If you have been in Japan for more than a minute, I am sure you have watched/seen your share of Japanese idol

Nagoya Auto Trend 2014

Nestled in the center of Japan’s automotive industry, Nagoya is the home of Toyota/Lexus and  several car shows every year. Nagoya Auto Trend 2014, one

2013 Nagoya Motor Show

December 12-15th, 2013 –  This is Japan’s car show that is the response to the Detroit Motor Show, held every other year in December in

X-5 Extreme Car Show 2013

December 8th, 2013 – How do we spread Christmas cheer? Of course, we enjoy the Cross Five(X-5) Extreme Car Show, Japan Tour (Vol #34) Finals held

Having Healthy Fun – Belly Dancing

You would never imagine who’s doing belly dancing!

Getting some ink done!

It’s common for Japanese water parks to ban people with tattoos from entering premises. As the temperature rises in the summer, thousands of people throughout

Dress to Impress!

It’s no secret that couples have bedtime rituals that help strengthen their bonds and their sex lives. Going to bed at the same time, for

The Perfect No Strings Relationship

Perfecting the Art of No-Strings-Attached Sex Though I personally fall firmly on mutual Long Term Relationships, I appreciate and condone the existence of a f*ck

The ‘skinny’ – all about it

I’ve seen ‘fashionable/stylish’ girls in Japan, mainly skinny, sometimes even bony; and also seen people who are so into girls with that kind of body.