2013 Nagoya Motor Show

2013 Nagoya Motor Show

December 12-15th, 2013 –  This is Japan’s car show that is the response to the Detroit Motor Show, held every other year in December in Nagoya city, the home of Toyota & Lexus – the headquarters for one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, just around the corner from Honda – another major car manufacturer at Nagoya’s Port Messe.

The Nagoya Motor Show is the showcase for the latest car technology and gadgets, especially in the area of hybrid & EV(electric vehicle) technology as well as car navigation system. Japan’s ‘Big 3’ – Toyota, Honda & Nissan are always expected to have the nice displays along with lots of cool things to showcase for the upcoming production year!

In the gallery you will find many photos of some of the new things you can expect to find on innovative cars in the very near future as well as pictures of several cute girls can be found at Nagoya Motor Show 2013.

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3 FULL Days:  -Full Photo Gallery-

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