X-5 Extreme Car Show 2013

December 8th, 2013 – How do we spread Christmas cheer? Of course, we enjoy the Cross Five(X-5) Extreme Car Show, Japan Tour (Vol #34) Finals held at Nagoya Port Messe. The “Cross 5″ motor show is a mix of 5 elements – cars/bikes, sound, gears, sports, and girls. This year’s show featured a Pole Dance stage show, a Freestyle Motorcross(FMX) show, and a custom car & bike exhibition.

This year, Autumn seemed to have passed really quickly, but on Sunday the forecast proved to be a really nice way to beat the winter blues watch an awesome FMX show outside.

The venue at Nagoya Port Messe is where every major indoor car show takes place, convenient for everyone and was also very large so there was plenty of room to move around. People spent a lot of time checking out all the custom tuned cars, trucks & bikes on display.

There were loads of colorful cars that came out from all different far away places such as Tokyo and Osaka.

Lots of cars with loud stereo systems and custom fitted stereos and navigation systems… even some lowriders were extravagantly painted and sat there mere inches from the ground… as well as a variety of  cars with tires taller than a child!

Whether they were professional or amateur, it was busy day for photographers… could watch the flock of guys with cameras rushing around to get the best spot to get a peek at what she might be showing off!

If know anything about cars in Japan, then you must know that the the custom car scene here is really popular over the recent years. Even with cars from so many different makes and eras, the event was dominated by a shared feeling of admiration and appreciation for pure extreme custom style. You could see a bit of everything, slammed Japanese classics as well as popular imports dressed up in the mix.

The custom car scene in Japan has been popular in Japan for a long time, but recently the heavily customized and slammed style is becoming bigger and bigger and seems to be driven by the enthusiasm of young people and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.


Full information is available in Japanese at: www.x-5.jp.

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Here are the other galleries from the show:




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