Hidden Schoolgirl In Japan’s Train Signs


Hidden Schoolgirl In Japan’s Train Signs

The mystery of art is that everyone looks/sees it differently, that is also true with logos and signs. These kinds of images use lines and coloring to try and get the person see this image in the same way as the designer. But you must also factor in other points of view or perspectives, which is an entirely different effect that changes how someone might view the image and lead them to see something completely different.

Japanese Twitter user Kowa was recently at a station, to take the bullet train to another part of Japan. I have been here for quite a while, so I have noticed that around Shinkansen stations, there are usually plenty of signs, and as Kowa noted, the Tokaido and Sanyo Line platforms was clearly marked.

The sign had a two dimensional head-on graphic image of the high-speed train posted on the sign along with some text. As Kowa stared at the sign, it started to look like something out of a comic book. The aerodynamic style of the train, the curves along the top of the car began to appear to be the V-neck lapel collar on a schoolgirl’s sailor suit uniform, and the headlights kind of looked like… the perverted imagination of headlights on a girl.


“My eyes became
fixed on the sign, and
I started to blush,”

“My eyes became fixed on the sign, and I started to blush,” admits Kowa. Online comments show that several others also began to share his perception.


Not every station uses the exact same signs, so depending on what station you get on/off at… you might see different signs. Just like all girls have differently sized busts, some Shinkansen trains also come in variety of sizes.



If you couldn’t notice a busty school girl in her uniform in the Shinkansen sign. Don’t worry , it just means you are normal or too busy trying to make your transfer to see these kinds of details and live your life outside of a comic book fantasy imagination. Kowa is the one who seems to see the world a little differently than the rest of us. He lists “thighs” and “imagining girls coming into contact with one another” as things he likes in his Twitter profile.

Source: Otakumu
Images: Twitter/@kowa Twitter/@colagby

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