A Lady in the Streets But a Freak in the Sheets

Freak in the Sheets

A Lady in the Streets But a Freak in the Sheets

The other night, I met up with a couple of my girlfriends for a nice little dinner with some cocktails at a nice quiet place. After some tasty dessert, we must have been pretty buzzed because or conversation turned silly and loud. One girl asked, in between giggles, if I was a “lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.” My answer?

Girls talk, I am comfortable to quickly spout out “of course” because I prefer a little more action in bed than to lie there like a dead fish. In case anyone doesn’t know already, women talk/think about sex just as much as men do! But I think, I hope, and I suppose at the risk of sounding like the hottest little porn star, I try to stay classy and ladylike when I’m out and about.

After they heard this, they quickly agreed and firmly pointed out that they were ladies in the street as well. But aren’t most of us? I mean, who doesn’t want to act like a lady in public? It’s all open to interpretation of what is freaky/kinky. Most people start to imagine scenes out of ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ as getting freaky in bed. And while getting freaky or kinky in the bedroom sounds iffy, I don’t think that’s exactly what the term means. One doesn’t need to be tied up and blindfolded (not that I mind that either) to have a good time in bed. And let’s be honest, does anyone want to just lay there and have boring sex? Not me!

What does everyone think? Are most women ladies in the streets but freaks in the streets? Are you? Can the same thing be said about guys?

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