Japanese Man Livestreams Setting His Apartment On Fire

Japan Livestream House Fire

Japanese Man Livestreams Setting His Apartment On Fire

A man (age 40) lives with his parents, father (68) and mother (73) and one other person in a two story home. The identity of the fourth person isn’t stated.
Four people were injured, suffering from burns and other unspecified injuries. This includes the above three people and a female relative (62) that lives nearby.
About 30% of the home burned down (37 square meters out of a total of 125).

A Japanese man was sitting at his PC, live-streaming away on NICO NICO Video. When he decides to play with a match lighter from the local ‘100 Yen’ store, then causing it to light up…

….and without even noticing, he throws the lit match in the plastic trash bag filled with tissues he used to wipe the lighter fluid off the lighter.

When he finally notices the fire, everything he did only makes things worse. Like moving the flaming bag into the back of the room and covering it with a cardboard box filled with paper (adding fuel to the fire)….

….and then hitting it with a futon mattress (pretty much fanning it around).

Finally, he walks to the bathroom and tries throwing a bowl of water on the blaze. Sadly, a little bit too late.

This makes you wonder what kind of neighbors live in your building at this point, doesn’t it?

But on the positive side of this, at least he remained calm.

Fire department reports that around 12:45PM on October 4th, 2015 the son was upstairs and accidentally dropped a lit oil-based lighter into a garbage bag, igniting the fire.

-> Here is the lighter he was playing with: Match Lighter

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