Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Tokyo Auto Salon 2016

Main Halls D2-ArmyGir2

There are two major car shows in the Tokyo area every year. The Tokyo Motor Show, is conveniently located at Tokyo Big Sight which focuses on the offerings of the major car manufacturers themselves, the other, the Tokyo Auto Salon, takes place at Makuhari Messe convention hall in Chiba (about an hour from Tokyo) and is all about the aftermarket products, making it the place to see Japan’s latest and greatest tuner.

Tokyo Auto Salon is one of the top motor shows in the world, along with the U.S. SEMA Show and Europe’s Essen Motor Show in Germany for tuned cars and modified car enthusiasts. The 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon is Asia’s largest automotive car show featuring unique, wacky and flamboyant designs, from aftermarket companies looking to market their products in front of tens of thousands of visitors.

Tokyo Auto Salon pretty much has it all, show attendees include Japanese tuning companies, global racing teams and aftermarket offerings by traditional automakers, like BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Of course we all know that there are lots of customized cars at the event, but somehow I kept getting distracted and my eyes were focused elsewhere as I tried to make my way around the 11 halls of booths. As a matter of fact, I did manage to try and get some photos of the cars, but the Auto Salon also has a far greater number of booth models than the more mainstream and conservative Motor Show. Because of this, most of the photos I ended up taking were of the booth girls.

It’s important to know that the girls on the show floor are actually working, so as inviting as their smile may be, they might not always want to stop and pose for a picture with you. They are too tired from being stalked by the guys that just want to sit there and record as much high-definition video footage of the girls while they are standing there helpless. As such, the courteous thing to do is to ask them if it’s OK to take a picture together, the phrase for which in Japanese is “Issho ni shashin wo totte mo ii desu ka?”

Of course, with the Tokyo Auto Salon becoming more internationalized event every year, you might not always have to speak Japanese to request a snapshot with some of the ladies.


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