World Cosplay Summit 2016

World Cosplay Summit 2016

Championship Finals

The ‘World Cosplay Championship’ – held in Nagoya, Japan – has a new world champion: the 2016 winner is the team from Indonesia!

The ‘World Cosplay Summit’ is the world’s largest cosplay event. It’s already acquired official status among cosplay enthusiasts, with 2016 being its 14th consecutive year. With over 30 countries participating in the event, this event is like the Olympic Games for cosplay. This year, India, Switzerland, Canada, and Sweden joined the party, and for a whole week (July 30 – August 7) cosplay fans had the chance to see some of the most elaborate costumes ever created.

The World Cosplay Championship Finals were held on the last day of the Summit. Last year’s winners, Mexico, gave their best to protect their title, but in the end it was Rian Cahyadi and Marchella from team Indonesia that won the championship. The rest of the finalists were Italy and Brazil.

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WCS Official Site:

WCS 2017 Results

Award Country Team Cosplayers
Champion Team Indonesia

Rian CYD

Frea Mai

Runner-up Team Denmark



3rd Prize Team France


Lyel (Fenié Sophie)

Special Award

Award Country Team Cosplayers
Brother Team Finland


Yumi Koyuki


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