Live Eel Used To Treat Constipation

Live Eel Used To Treat Constipation

His attempt to use a live eel to treat his constipation, didn’t quite go as planned… but on the bright side his constipation problem was resolved after the animal ripped through his intestines.

A man with the surname Liu, somewhere in the city of Guanzhou, China, in the spring of 2017, was suffering from what must have been a particularly bad case of constipation. Most people would just take some laxatives or even some natural dietary remedies, but instead this 49-year-old turned to an old “wives’ tale remedy” he had heard about: inserting a live eel into his anus.

Many folks may be quick to judge this man as “stupid” for even believing such things, but should be pretty amazed at how he did somehow manage to get a 50-centimeter (20-inch) living eel inside his butt – a task that must have required a certain degree of skill.

You might say that this traditional remedy worked a bit too well, because the frightened creature tore right through the man’s intestines and began swimming around his abdomen. This was all unforeseen to Mr. Liu at the time and on the outside resulted in swelling around his midsection in which he went to the hospital. However, he failed to mention to the medical staff about the home remedy he attempted earlier.

So of course it came as a huge shock when doctors found a hole in his small-intestine and the half-meter-long fish that caused it. After that initial wave of horror passed, they told Mr. Liu that he would need emergency surgery to remove the creature. Time was of the essence because if the fish breaks through the man’s stomach, his life would be in serious danger.

Mr. Liu continued to hide the truth with hospital staff saying that the eel had gotten in there, “by accident.” Luckily, they could extract the eel (which by that time had died) and save Mr. Liu. Finally, he did come clean and tell them about the treatment.

Needless to say, it was an awful lot of trouble to go through to ease a case of constipation.

To much disbelief, this is not the only case of eels inside rectums in China in recent years. In 2013 a similarly sized swamp eel was removed from a man’s abdomen after it was inserted for recreational purposes. Even worse, in 2010 a man died when his friend inserted an eel into his anus as a joke and it dealt fatal damage to his internal organs.

So whether its for fun, medical treatment, hazing, or research, do not put an eel, any live creature, or pretty much the bulk of any inanimate objects on Earth in there. We can’t stress enough that only bad things will come of it.

Source: Shanghaiist, Guangzhou Daily, Gogo Tsushin

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