World Cosplay Summit 2017

World Cosplay Summit 2017

This year marked the 15th World Cosplay Summit, and cosplayers from 35 countries and regions smiled and showed off their incredible transformations into popular Japanese anime and manga heroes and heroines. Every year this event grows into a much bigger and better show as huge numbers of fans flocked to Oasis 21 (Sakae District) in Nagoya and the surrounding streets with cameras in hand to capture the alluring scenery around the venue, despite the record heat of 35.2 degrees Celsius.

Team China won its first World Cosplay Summit championship with an impressive Blood: The Last Vampire performance. Cospalyer Tian Tian was Blood’s Saya, while Xue Yan Xue was a chiropteran monster.

This was China’s first World Cosplay Summit grand prix win. Congrats!

Mexico, which took the crown in 2015, came in second, while Japan, which won in 2012 and 2009, took third.

Looking forward to next year’s championship finals!

WCS 2017 Results

Award Country Team Cosplayers
Champion Team China

Xue Yan Xue

Tian Tian

Runner-up Team Mexico

Al Squall


3rd Prize Team Japan



Special Award

Award Country Team Cosplayers
Brother Team France



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