71-year-old Vera Wang is shocking people with how young she looks


Fashion icon Vera Wang who’s known for her bridal gowns has shocked her fans with how young her body looks. It all started in May when the 71-year-old Chinese American designer took to Instagram and posted a picture of herself in white shorts and a sports bra. That picture took off and went viral with many questioning her age, reports Yahoo.

But a renewed interest in Wang took off recently after she dressed as Cher for Halloween.

Now everyone wants to know how she stays so fit at her age. Talking to People, Vera Wang revealed her secrets on how to stay young.

First, she exercises sporadically.

“I would say [it’s] sporadic,” Wang said. “Sporadic is the perfect word. I mean, I was an elite athlete in my youth … I think when you spend the first 16 years of your life that physically engage, there is such a thing that it sort of stays with you. There’s muscle memory that goes with that.”

Second, she gets some good sleep.

“Sleep is key to having survived growing a company, raising two kids,” Wang said. “I mean I don’t think I could exist if I wasn’t able to sleep. I had to rest because I feel it’s a regenerator.”

And third, and most important is vodka.

“So sleep is a very big part and certainly vodka,” she said. “Because I mean, it’s just so great to be able to unwind with a cocktail.”

As for the newfound attention, she said she was “shocked” by it because she was used to being behind the scenes.

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