Tokyo’s Art Aquarium – Where Fishes Are Living Works Of Art

Photo: Art Aquarium

Japan’s Art Aquarium opens its first permanent museum in Nihonbashi, Tokyo, where you will see over 30,000 fish swimming in glass vessels of all shapes and sizes at the new museum.

Ever since the stunning goldfish exhibition stepped foot in Tokyo back in 2007, it has become an annual summer tradition of Nihonbashi, a vibrant city district in Tokyo, attracting over 10 million visitors over the years. Now, the Art Aquarium has opened its first permanent museum in Nihonbashi at the end of August, where visitors will be able to view 30,000 goldfish swimming in glass vessels of all shapes and sizes, lit with moving projections and multicolored lights. Each exhibition room in the 2 story museum is designed to be a treat for the eyes and ears. The exhibition has even travelled across the globe, inspiring the people in other cities like Milan and Shanghai.

Hidetomo Kimura started off in the retail business of aquarium fish and became an artist who created the first-ever Art Aquarium on earth. The Art Aquarium features Japanese goldfish (also known as kingyo) as living works of art, blending them seamlessly with the country’s culture, history, and modern digital art. Kingyo are a staple in Japanese culture and were commonly collected by wealthy merchants in the past.

Photo: Art Aquarium

What To Expect At The Dreamy Art Aquarium

Kimura’s iconic annual exhibition features brilliantly-colored, graceful fish fluttering around in beautiful glass vessels lit with projections and lights. The stunning display is a treat for the eyes and soul, offering a therapeutic experience that’s hard to find elsewhere.

After years of annual exhibitions, the company has decided to open its first permanent Art Aquarium museum in Nihonbashi in August this year! The specially-designed 2,321sqm space will be about 3 times the size of previous exhibitions and will come to life with approximately 30,000 goldfish of various varieties. The interior space and the menu at the museum cafe will even change according to the four seasons.

The Art Aquarium will house aquariums that inject elements of the Japanese culture, including spherical fountains, a huge tank filled with colorful koi fish, and a giant lotus motif vessel. We’re especially excited for the “Goldfish Forest” space where there will be pillars filled with water and goldfish gliding in them, lined up to look like a forest! Besides the glittering spectacle of vessels filled with fluttering goldfish, there will also be live performances like traditional Japanese dances in the space.

Photo: Art Aquarium
Photo: Art Aquarium

Art Aquarium Museum Details

The brand new Art Aquarium officially opened in August 28th, 2020.  Tickets are available at ¥2,300 (¥2,000 for admission after 6pm); children 12 years old and under will be admitted for free.

  • Address: Tōkyō-to, Chuo-ku, Nihonbashihonchō 1-3 東京都中央区日本橋本町1丁目3
  • Official website

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