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Mile High Club – Whole New Definition

A British Airways pilot got fired… now that normally won’t be news, but the reason this man got fired was that he… well… pleasured himself

All Men Are Created Equal – Or Not

So is it true that all men are created equal when it comes to their equipment? Surveys show that while size does matter to some

Looking For Love – In All The Wrong Places

In Dayton, Ohio, a man was arrested for having sex with a van. Now we know there are girls out there described as ‘vans’, but

Dress to Impress!

It’s no secret that couples have bedtime rituals that help strengthen their bonds and their sex lives. Going to bed at the same time, for

The Perfect No Strings Relationship

Perfecting the Art of No-Strings-Attached Sex Though I personally fall firmly on mutual Long Term Relationships, I appreciate and condone the existence of a f*ck