Gifu Airshow 2013


The Gifu Air Show 2013:

Great Weather and Great Performances

November 24th, 2013 – The Gifu AB Airshow The annual open house and airshow at the Japan Air Self Defense Force’s Gifu Kagamihara Air Base. The JASDF displayed their air power with the Mitsubishi F-2 & F15, Kawasaki C-1, Harriers and helicopters. Main acts included the Blue Impulse. But also there was a parachute team demo along with flying formation demo.

I finally arrived at Mikakino station (front gate of  Kagamihara Air Base), once we took the train to the transfer station, we were greeted by swarms of people, it took 3 tries to get a train to get there… lots of people means that I took forever to actually get to the show about 90mins from the transfer.

I have attended the Gifu Airshow before and was not disappointed. New acts this year include the Blue Impulse which consists of six Kawasaki T-4 jets and lots of smoke.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries has been manufacturing and testing military aircraft at this site since before WWII.

I will definitely be back in 2014.






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