Cal Flavor 2013 – A Taste of California

Looking for a little California love? Well CalFlavor was exactly that, the concept of CalFlavor is to capture the feel of an American style car show and give Japan a taste of life from Southern Cali. There were over 500 cars that came out to Boat Race Hamanako on November 10th, 2013, including many Rods, Customs, and Lowriders as well as Minitrucks, USDM style cars, air-cooled VWs, and more participating in this event

On Sunday, the forecast called for pretty good chance of rain and it delivered. But despite the weather, still people flocked here to check out the cool cars & live shows at a great location to top it off.

The venue at Boat Race Hamanako(Hamamatsu, Shizuoka) nestled perfectly between Tokyo & Nagoya was convenient for everyone and was also very large so there was plenty of space between the cars. People spent a lot of time checking out all the machines on display.

Central Japan is largely known for its hardcore custom style, and that tradition could be seen at this event.

There were colorful local cars that came out… as well as many which came from far away places such as Tokyo and Osaka.

The Hot Rod participants included everything from traditional style to hard custom jobs.

When it comes to Lowriders, there were extravagantly painted Bombs, which are another symbol of Central Japan car style… as well as a variety of street style hoppers.

Whether they were professional or amateur, it was busy day for photographers.

If you know anything about motorsports in Japan, then you must know that the USDM scene here is really popular over the recent years.

You could also see a few slammed Japanese classics in the mix.

There were so many different people demonstrating their own takes on “US Style” applied to many different vehicles.

While there are so many different forms of US custom style in Japan today, for me it was the Minitrucks that I recall was one of Japan’s earliest forms of this movement.

The US custom scene in Japan is driven by the enthusiasm of young people and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Like Minitrucks, air-cooled VWs in Japan have long been influenced by the American scene.

Traditional Cal Look VWs have been popular in Japan for a long time, but recently the heavily customized and slammed style is becoming bigger and bigger among the younger generation.

For this genre of VWs, a maximum slammed stance is always the key.

Even with cars from so many different makes and eras, the event was dominated by a shared feeling of admiration and appreciation for pure American custom style.

The event was put together by The LOCAL HERO Shimizu who was all over the place throughout the day. All of his hard work resulted in the show being a huge success.

If you ever have the chance, please come to Cal Flavor and enjoy Japan’s custom car scene.

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