Women can chow down with class

Women can chow down with class

Hey ladies, want to go to town on a bacon double cheeseburger as big as your own head and maintain your dignity? Now you can enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, a Japanese burger chain has you covered because opening wide to take a big bite of that tasty bacon double cheeseburger is anything but attractive -> women can chow down with class.

Freshness Burger, a national fast food chain in Japan, realized that they had a problem: Due to cultural beliefs, some women that women are encouraged to cover their mouths in public when opening them, and that as a result, they never seem to sell their biggest burger. “Ochobo,” or the belief that small mouths are the pinnacle of beauty paired with the fact that it is considered well-mannered to cover one’s mouth while eating, was getting in the way of women chowing down on a giant burger.

It came up with A sneakily designed burger wrapper called the liberation wrapper, a paper wrapper that hides the burger. On this wrapper is a picture of a women’s closed, smiling  “ochobo” mouth. It’s a way for women in particular to take big bites of a burger and still look ladylike. The so-called “Liberation Wrapper” means that females can go to town on their Classic Burger with all the fixings without being rude or forsaking their beauty standards. The idea behind the wrapper is explained in the video above. In it, Japanese etiquette and the concept of “ochobo” or small, modest mouth, are explained. The video shows side shots of a woman eating behind the wrapper so you can see all the glorious big biting in action. From the front, it just looks like she’s slightly moving her head around.

According to the video posted above, the scheme worked: Just one month after its implementation, the wrapper is “freeing women from the spell of the “ochobo” mouth” says the video. It also says sales of the classic burger (the big one) to female customers is up 213% from the previous month.

Burger-eating etiquette for women in Japan is the complete opposite from how it’s seen in the United States. Carl’s Jr. has turned hot girls and big burgers into its main ad campaign. You know the ones where a supermodel eats a burger and gets it all over the place and there isn’t a napkin in sight?


Now if someone could just design a way to eat an entire bag of chocolate covered potato chips with dignity.

Would you feel more comfortable eating a big burger behind a wrapper? Let us know in the comments below.


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