Leftover ‘Christmas Cakes’

leftover Christmas cakes

Have you every heard the expression that ‘girls are like Christmas Cakes?’ – 女の子はクリスマスケーキ

I had heard from a friend, she told me to be careful about Japanese girls’ age because of this girls feel they are like ‘Christmas cakes!’ At first I wondered what the hell she was talking about, later after the conversation I realized she was talking about how girls become so pressed for time and should hurry up and get married before they become 25 years old or else they will seem desperate to find a partner who would be happy with her as she is out of her prime age for meeting someone. 

In Japan, if a woman is single after 30 years old, she feels quite ashamed that she didn’t get married by 25. The word “Dokujo”(single lonely women) became quite popular on the Internet. Of course there are some men who like older women(cougars), but most Japanese men prefer younger girls. In that case, for women who are aging past 25 years old, the chance of getting married slips away.

A Japanese friend  explained: ‘Christmas is on the 25th, right? So that’s when the cake tastes the best. For girls, 25 years old is when they are the most beautiful. After Christmas the price of the cake marked down for a huge discount, you can buy it really cheap, after that it rots. It’s the same for girls.’

I was of course surprised when I heard this, even I thought it was a joke! Most girls want to enjoy spending time with her friends, continue their career and feel that getting married at 25 is way too early.

Recently there are more and more women who work hard, and there are a lot of single women who work well into their 30’s and also many women get higher promotions in today’s society. So, now the time has come for men who believe younger girls are better, to face the reality.

Average age of marriage in Japan:

Man: 30.5 years old

Woman: 28.8 years old

Even if boys are late to get married, they can be popular among younger girls. Damn!


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