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Style-conscious tipplers will be delighted to hear that Italy’s number one nectar, Disaronno (the delicious amaretto liqueur) have teamed up with the globally known streetwear brand Diesel for the seventh time.

The ‘Disaronno wears Diesel’ bottle reflects the values ​​of both Italian houses: creativity and originality. As an internationally recognized company, Diesel is always up to date and supports social initiatives, brand building and progressive thinking. Disaronno himself claims to continue this ethos in a consistently original taste, which, thanks to its uniqueness, appeals to the most diverse generations.

This year’s bottle features Disaronno’s logo wrapped in Diesel’s signature textile (a camouflage denim pattern). In addition to the classic bottle, the ‘Disaronno wears Denim’ Limited Edition is available in two packs of miniatures, with each set containing three miniature bottles, varying in collectable shades of denim.

Through this project, Disaronno supports the OTB Foundation, Diesel’s global foundation, embracing its motto of “Brave Actions for a Better World.” The foundation is involved in social initiatives focusing on three principles: sustainability, innovation and direct social impact.

347 Cafe&Lounge - Pop-up Lounge

The 2019 Limited Edition will be launched in Tokyo with a month long in-store event at the Diesel’s boutique Glorious Chain Café in Tokyo and Osaka from 2-31 October. There’s even a new cocktail which has been specifically invented to celebrate the Disaronno-Diesel launch.

Shoppers at the exclusive shopping destination will be invited to view a beautiful installation celebrating the partnership and try the delicious “Disaronno wears Diesel” cocktail at Shibuya’s Diesel store.

Visitors to Glorious Chain Café from 2-31 October can avail of a delicious complementary Disaronno cocktail during their visit.

But in case you just can’t to Glorious Chain Café or just want to get into the Italian denim mood this month, we have the recipe for the signature cocktail below.

Disaronno Wears Diesel Cocktail


50 ml Disaronno
20 ml Jamaica Rum overproof
30 ml Lime Juice
20 ml Passion Fruit syrup
8 Mint leaves
Crushed Ice

Mint sprig and raspberry

Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice.
Add the ingredients, shake vigorously and strain into a chilled glass filled with ice.
Garnish with mint leaves and a single raspberry.

Disaronno Wears Diesel Cocktail
Disaronno Wears Diesel Miniatures Gift Set

Product Name: Disaronno Diesel Bottle
Disaronno Diesel Miniature 3 bottles set
* The pattern of the 3 miniature sets is random
Contents: 700ml / 50ml
Alcohol Volume: 28%
Price: Open price


Diesel is an innovative international lifestyle brand that offers a wide collection of denim, apparel and accessories. Since its founding in 1978, Diesel has evolved from a pioneer in the denim industry to a premium casual wear brand, and has established a firm position as being different from the existing luxury and casual markets. Despite remarkable growth, Diesel’s philosophy as a brand symbolizing passion, personality and self-expression has never changed. We continue to attract fans all over the world with a unique design full of playfulness.


Disaronno is an Italian liqueur loved around the world. A liqueur made from apricot seeds (apricot kernels), spices and herbs. Many people are fascinated by its rich, sweet aroma and deep flavor reminiscent of almonds and apricot tofu. The origin is a disciple of Leonardo da Vinci who came to draw a fresco in a church in the town of Salono in 1525, painted a fresco with the hostess of the inn as a model, and she gave the artist a gratitude mark Fragrant liqueur. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Reina family Domenico, who inherited the recipe of the hostess, created “Disaronno”, which spread throughout the world and is now loved in over 160 countries.

■ Disaronno Pop-up Lounge

POP UP LOUNGE will be held at 347 Cafe & Lounge (Shibuya Ward) from October 2 (Wed) to 31 (Thu), 2019. The venue of the Pop-up Lounge is a space where you can experience the world of “Disaronno wears Diesel” by using the five senses, including the offering of the Disaronno cocktail and the photo panel of this limited edition bottle. .

Disaronno cocktails and drinks will also be available for a limited time from October 2 (Wednesday) to 31 (Thursday) at Glorious Chain Cafe in Tokyo and Osaka.

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